InDesign Secrets
Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.
Real-time black reverses; Auto-numbering angst; Ink Manager secrets; Obscurity of the Week: Script Label palette ||| Detailed notes follow, or go to for show notes, links, and to comment on the episode.

• Branislav Milic solves the Real-Time Reverse Out of Black challenge! Download his 7-page PDF, "Transparency Cool Effects" (1.1 MB), the solution is on pages 6-7.
• Brief preview of the InDesign Conference in London, coming up June 26-29, 2006
• Oh that pesky Auto Numbering feature — surely it can't be this bad, a listener asks
• Secrets of the Ink Manager! Thank you, Adobe — now please go work on that numbering thing
• Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: the Script Label palette

Other links mentioned in the show:
• The Wikipedia knows all: Geoduck
• Rorohiko's free History Log plug-in

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