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Quizzler winner (measurement units); Basic Paragraph Style; Native .indd file vs. press-ready PDF for your printer; Last Quizzler with a Trumatch prize; Obscurity of the Week: Increase/Decrease Left Indent


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  • Results from last week's Quizzler -- and the winner!
  • Our love/hate relationship with the default Basic Paragraph Style
  • What's better to give your printer: Native ID file or a press-ready PDF?
  • Fourth and final Quizzler with a Trumatch prize! (see below)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Increase/Decrease Left Indent

Link we forgot to mention in the podcast:
Free one-week trial of's online software training videos

Quizzler instructions: If you have an answer to this episode's Quizzler, don't post it here! E-mail it to with "Quizzler" in the Subject. One winner will be chosen randomly from all the correct answers received by midnight, January 2, 2006. The winner will be mailed a set of Colorfinder process color swatchbooks (coated and uncoated) from Trumatch, a $170 value. Remember, don't post your answer here! You'll ruin it for everyone!

Sponsor for this episode:
Trumatch ("Colorfinder," their process color swatch book system)
Listen to the podcasts for a chance to win two Colorfinder books,
Coated and Uncoated, a $170.00 value.

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