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Placing Multi-page PDFs; Clear Overrides Button; Useless Palette Award and Contest; Obscurity of the Week: Align Based on Size


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  • Solutions for placing multiple-page PDFs
  • The Clear Overrides button: Sweet feature, often overlooked
  • Most Useless InDesign Palette Award/Contest
    • Anne-Marie's nomination: the Color palette
    • David's torn between the Transform and the Navigator palette
    • Enter the contest by leaving a comment here! (Details below)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Align Based on Size

Links mentioned in the podcast:
PlaceMultipagePDF.jsx script for IDCS2 (link leads to post with details)
InDesign CS2 Keyboard Shortcuts Poster (use FEATHER coupon code for a 25% discount)

The Most Useless InDesign Palette Award/Contest
You've heard David and Anne-Marie's nominations, do you agree? Or maybe you depend on the Navigator or Color palette for some task integral to your workflow? Perhaps you have a different one you'd like a nominate? Add your thoughts, votes, rants, or staunch defense to the discussion by adding a comment below. Before the next podcast rolls around (a week or two), we'll randomly choose one of the comments and award that author an InDesign CS2 Keyboard Shortcuts poster!

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