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New Year's Resolutions for InDesign Users; Obscurity of the Week: JPEG 2000


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Happy New Year!

  • New Year's Resolutions for InDesign Users (yes, including us). Our full list of suggestions appears below, suitable for printing and checking off!
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: JPEG 2000

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2008 New Year's Resolutions: Our Suggested List for InDesign Users

  • I'll find and learn how to use one new (to me) script and plug-in that helps my work.
  • I'll use paragraph and character styles properly.
  • I'll start placing PSD, AI, and PDF files instead of EPS.
  • I'll finally break my habit of typing double-spaces after punctuation.
  • I'll get into the habit of using the temporary Hand tool instead of the scroll bars when it makes sense.
  • I'll import XML and export XML at least once this year successfully, even if it's on my own time, just to learn the process.
  • I'll get a reference on InDesign that I can refer to when I'm stuck.
  • I'll force myself to use New Window, Story Editor, Glyphs panel, and Quick Apply three times so that I learn to fully appreciate their utility.
  • I'll set up, save and use at least 2 different workspaces.
  • I'll learn the keyboard shortcuts to open the panels I use most often, even if it means having to customize them to ones I'll remember.
  • I'll rebuild my Preferences, then set my application preferences and default styles and swatches, then back up that prefs file.
  • I'll add at least one comment to a post on, even just to say "thanks" or "whaaa?" so we know you're out there!
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