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Discount codes; Adobe TV; An End to Transparency Woes; Context Menus; Obscurity of the Week: Ignore Optical Margin


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  • News: Discount codes for InDesign Magazine and conference fees, Adobe TV
  • An end to transparency issues! (Steve Werner's post)
  • Using and customizing contextual (right-click) menus
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Ignore Optical Margin

This time, David's audio gets a little glitchy halfway-through. When will these sunspots end? (Seriously, our apologies, and we're investigating...)

Links mentioned in the Podcast: For $75 off MogoEvents conference fees (Toronto, Canada; Nashville, TN and Auckland, New Zealand) use our IDSTNCS08 coupon code (case-sensitive) Nice InDesign mag. discount for our listeners/readers until Apr 28, 2008 Check out Adobe TV! The "Fibonacci" in Caffe Fibonacci's logo Hallelujah, c'mon, get APPE Why one-button mice are bad

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