InDesign Secrets
Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.

In this episode…

  • News
    • Adobe InDesign 17.2 update patch released
    • CreativePro Week agenda is up! May 9-13, live in DC and online
    • The cover story in the March 2022 issue of CreativePro magazine dives deep into alternatives to Adobe software (including how Affinity Publisher stacks up to InDesign) 
    • And the April issue is all about making data visual; a must-read for anyone who makes charts, graphs, infographics, and so on 
  • Interview with Andreas Michalski of CI-HUB
  • Control Panel vs. the Properties Panel: Total Smackdown!
  • Obscure InDesign Feature: Key Object 

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