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Plug-in-palooza! What, how, why; Twenty-plus great InDesign plug-ins; Obscurity of the Week: Configure Plug-ins


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  • Plug-in-palooza!
    • What's a plug-in? Why are they valuable?
    • Finding InDesign plug-ins on the Internet
    • Installing plug-ins
    • Fast descriptions of over 20 InDesign plug-ins that users are loving (the tip of the iceberg, there are at dozens more we didn't have time to cover)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Configure Plug-ins

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Links mentioned in the Podcast: Adobe's comprehensive InDesign Plug-ins list DTP Tools (Page Control, Layer Comps, History, Tetris, Cross References, Keyboard Shortcuts) Markzware (Q2ID, ID2Q) EmSoftware (InData, XTags) Teacup Software (DataLinker, TypeFitter, PatternMaker, BarcodeMaker) Rorohiko (TextExporter, LikeFindsLike, Color2Gray, ChatterGoofy) Recosoft (PDF2ID) i.t.i.p GmbH (InMath) Gluon (ProScale ID) Triple Triangle (Color Spec Cubed) Knowbody Software (CoolKerning) Zevrix Solutions (LinkOptimizer)

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