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News; Overprint by swatch; Preserve Numbers glitch; Em, En and Hyphens; Obscurity of the Week: the Measure Tool


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  • News:, Conferences,, DesignGeek, ID User Groups
  • Making a swatch overprint where ever it's used (full post)
  • When CMYK - Preserve Numbers won't, and how to fix it (full post)
  • Em dashes vs. En dashes vs. Hyphens
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: The Measure Tool

Links mentioned in the Podcast: David's InDesign: Beyond the Basics at Free week's trial of ID Conferences in Miami, Toronto CA Check MogoEvents for news on the Auckland NZ ID Conf. (June) and the Seattle ID Master Class Conf. (November) HerGeekness Says column at Anne-Marie's free DesignGeek e-zine InDesign User Groups

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