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Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.

News; CS3 ACE exam; Leopard and Vista; Document Size; Free Layout Zone script; Obscurity of the Week: Greek Images


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  • News: Upcoming InDesign Conferences
  • InDesign CS3 ACE Recertification Test: A Field Report
  • Leopard and Vista and InDesign CS3
  • How changing Document Size affects an existing layout
  • The Amazing (and free) Layout Zone script for ID CS3
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Greek Images

Sorry for the tinny sound in Anne-Marie's audio! We blame sunspots.

Links mentioned in the Podcast: ID Conferences in Toronto, Canada; Auckland, New Zealand; and Seattle, WA Tim Cole's blog post about the Recertification exam Adobe's Get Certified page (register for exams, download prep guides) Layout Zone script (Mac/Windows, CS3 only); David's post about it

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