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Toronto recap; CS3 Re-cert exam; 50% poster discount; Quizzler winner; Tips from the ID Conference; Obscurity of the Week: Download PPD Fonts


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  • News: Toronto ID Conference recap; ID CS3 Re-cert exam; Secret 50% poster discount
  • Quizzler winner (Where else is "Altitude?") and answer
  • Tips from the live InDesignSecrets Podcast at the Toronto, Canada conference:
    • Reverse Index Entries (secret keyboard shortcut)
    • Quick Apply for buried menu commands
    • Guide tips extravaganza
    • "How big is an agate?" answer and winner
    • Alt-click and Double-click fun
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Download PPD Fonts

Links mentioned in the Podcast: Nashville CS Conference, New Zealand ID Conference Casey D'Andrea's ID CS3 Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Our InDesign keyboard shortcut posters (use the secret 50% discount code announced in the podcast, or enter the code SWATCHES for 25% off entire order) Free ID Keyboard Shortcuts plug-in Top Ten Double-Clicks in ID post on

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