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Acrobat 9; Free script to swap swatches; Colored frames; InCopy videos on Adobe TV; Quizzler; Obscurity of the Week: Update Content in Data Fields


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  • News: Acrobat 9 and Creative Suite 3.3 announced, ID Conference in New Zealand
  • Hot Post of the week: Free script to auto-replace swatches (Russell)
  • Blue frames vs. Red frames
  • "InCopy CS3 Revealed" videos on Adobe TV
  • Quizzler! Something to do with pangrams...
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Update Content in Data Fields

Links mentioned in the Podcast: Sweet deal from our sponsor! Recosoft's PDF2ID plug-in discount, just for InDesignSecrets users (limited time offer) Acrobat 9 and Creative Suite 3.3 product pages InDesign Conference in New Zealand Swap Swatches Script (zipped) "Stop the Transparencide" video featuring the ghostly head of Russell Viers AM's whitepaper The Collaborative Editorial Workflow with ID/IC CS3 (5MB) InCopy CS3 Revealed video series on Adobe TV Check out our sister site, Data Merge post and a Data Merge video All about pangrams

Have an answer for the Quizzler? Don't post it here as a comment. Instead, e-mail your answer (put "Quizzler" in the Subject line) to us at info [at] by midnight on Monday, June 16. We'll randomly choose a winner from all correct answers received by then, and announce the winner (and the answer!) in the next podcast.

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