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NZ Conference; Camera Raw in InDesign; Quizzler answer and winner; "Sphinx" pangram t-shirts; GREP; Obscurity of the Week: Fixed Column Width


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  • New Zealand ID Conference Recap
  • Interview: Mike McHugh describes his Camera Raw in InDesign tip
  • "Pangram" Quizzler Winner--and Answer!
  • New in the InDesignSecrets store: "Sphinx" t-shirts!
  • Getting a Grip on GREP
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Fixed Column Width

Links mentioned in the Podcast: Sweet deal from our sponsor! Recosoft's PDF2ID plug-in discount, just for InDesignSecrets users (limited time offer) David's post about Mike's Camera Raw tip Mike McHugh's videocast, Wikipedia explains what a pangram is Our "Sphinx of Black Quartz" t-shirts! David's Joy of Pi book Mac OS X GREP-friendly text editor (free) TextWrangler Windows GREP-friendly text editor ($50US) UltraEdit Peter Kahrel's GREP in InDesign CS3 e-book Links to GREP-related posts on

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