InDesign Secrets
Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.


Tips for organizing styles; Gabriel Powell interview; ePub info; Obscurity of the Week: Sort Bookmarks


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See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon.
  • Best practices for organizing and naming text styles
  • InDesignSecrets Seminars & Conference update; new speakers
  • Mike Rankin's interview with ePub expert Gabriel Powell at the O'Reilly TOC Conference
    • Emerging and evolving open standards discussed at the conference, such as the Open Publication Distribution System (OPDS) for eBooks
    • The new "browser wars" (how different eReaders interpret the same content feed)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Sort Bookmarks
  • Bonus: David recites from memory the first 20 digits of Pi (in honor of Pi day, March 14—aka 3.14!)

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