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EPUB and Kindle utilities, cross-reference formats, obscurity of the week: Save Count


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  • Three discoveries about InDesign to eBook conversions
    • TextWrangler opens ePubs
    • Sigil's housekeeping is a feature-not-a-but
    • Kindle Previewer runs KindleGen for your
  • Cross-references: Roll your own formats!
    • Remove the quote marks
    • Add a delimiter (partial paragraph)
    • Change the wording
  • Print & ePublishing Conf: New schedule is up!
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Save Count

Errata: TextWrangler lets you open and browse EPUB content files without unzipping them first, but not edit them in place, contrary to what we said in the podcast, sorry! Use Sigil or Oxygen for that.

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