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Live performances coming up; InDesign to Kindle; KBSC of the Week; Obscurity of the Week: Leading Edge


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See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon.
  • Live performances
  • InDesign to Kindle eBook productionL Tips, software, resources
  • Keyboard Shortcut of the Week: Command/Ctrl - ~ (tilde key)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Leading Edge
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See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon.
  • News and Announcements
    • James Fritz's InDesignSecrets Live seminar in Milwaukee, Sept 27
    • Anne-Marie's InDesignSecrets Live seminar in Las Vegas, Nov 2
    • David & Fritz are presenting with Russell Brown at Adobe MAX, Oct 1–5
    • Mike Rankin's 3-city InDesignFX tour of midwest IDUGs, Sept 13–15
  • All about Change Case; tips and secrets and scripts and plug-ins and GREP, oh my
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Contextual Alternates
  • Quizzler! All you need is a web connection to figure it out
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Back to School episode; Best resources for lifelong learners of InDesign; Upcoming events; Obscurity of the Week: Select Next Object
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See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon. Well, kind of soon. It takes them a while to transcribe.
  • Back to School episode! Resources for life-long learners of InDesign
    • Books, videos, forums, templates, for users at any level
    • Rededicate yourself to learn! Try our suggested lesson plans for every user
  • Upcoming events, including a peek at PePCon 2012
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Select Next Object
News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> In-Tools has a number of great InDesign plug-ins, all of which were recently updated to work with CS5.5. In-Tools is one of the best sources for scripts and plug-ins for anyone working with long documents (see the Publisher Suite), anyone creating multilingual publications (see World Tools Pro), and any user who wants to check out some great scripts, many of which are free.
Links mentioned in this podcast:
> InDesign Secrets, our the new video series at
> Recommended books and videos, our handpicked list
> InDesign videos at, Video2Brain, Adobe TV, Software Cinema
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