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News; Five Gotchas and their fixes; Obscurity of the Week: Comb


The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon.

  • News
  • Five Common (and easily-fixed) InDesign Gotchas!
    • Jumping text, disappearing guides, copy/paste between versions, and more
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Comb

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>>  Rorohiko has two things they want InDesignSecrets podcast listeners to know about. First, they have a 20% discount off their QR plug-in for InDesign CS5 and later, "Tada QR!" (which Sandee and David talked about in the last podcast episode, and you can watch Rorohiko's video on it here). Enter the code INDESIGNSECRETS199 at the Rorohiko store and get the Tada QR! plug-in for $12.00 instead of $15.00. Second, they're in early beta for a new plug-in that adds an Actions panel to InDesign, similar to the ones in Photoshop and Illustrator. Record a series of actions and then play them back on another selection or page ... very cool. If you want to beta test ActionRecorder, click the link and read the instructions. (Here's a video on how it works!)

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QR Codes; Sandee Cohen guest co-host; Obscurity of the Week: Warn if Link Update Will Overwrite Local Edits


  • Sandee Cohen, our guest star in the studios!
    • Innovative use for InDesign CC's QR Code feature!
    • More tips for QR codes than you can imagine
    • The cool TaDa! QR plugin from Rorohiko
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Warn if Link Update Will Overwrite Local Edits

News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> Em Software is the developer of DocsFlow and WordsFlow, two plug-ins for Adobe InDesign that dynamically link your text frames to online Google Docs (DocsFlow) or placed Word files (WordsFlow). These products enable a breakthrough publishing workflow, one where your authors and editors can keep changing the source document, and you can merge in their changes automatically and painlessly, even after you?ve made changes to the InDesign story (without losing your changes or formatting!). Special offer just for InDesignSecrets listeners: Use the coupon code ids0813 in the store when buying either of these plug-ins and get 20% off! This code is only good until August 31 2013, so grab them both!

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