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Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.

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>> Rorohiko: You know them as a prolific source of free and low-cost scripts and plug-ins for InDesign (e.g. TextExporter, Sudoku Generator, EPUBCrawler) but did you know the bulk of their business is doing custom scripting for publishers just like yourselves? Learn more about how this works by reading about (and downloading) the SwatchWatch script, presented as a case study for their custom automation solutions. 
>> Certitec, an Adobe Authorized Training Centre in the UK, is a premiere provider of Adobe InDesign, EPUB, and Adobe DPS training. Certitec hold classes in Cardiff, London, or Bristol. Get booked today onto a Certitec course and experience the latest and greatest software experience from Adobe! Follow them on Twitter at @Certitec and keep up with their Facebook page. If you sign up for a seminar or class in London or Cardiff, and mention you heard about them on InDesignSecrets, you get 20% off the fee!

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