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In a heated discussion during the podcast, the question was debated: If you alias a spot ink to another spot ink, will it separate out to CMYK correctly? Answer: YES. David's report from his post-podcast testing (see the episode 251 Show Notes on our site for screenshots that illustrate these steps):

STEP ONE: I placed an .AI file (it could also be a PDF) that contains two spot colors (Pantone Blue, and a yellow called Pantone 114). I then applied that Pantone Blue spot color to some text in a text frame. I also created a new color that is a spot color, but defined with a CMYK value, called "MyColor 50/10/85/0".

STEP TWO: I opened Ink Manager (from the Swatches panel menu), selected the Pantone Blue and then chose MyColor from the Ink Alias popup menu. And then I selected MyColor and clicked on the icon in the left column, which means convert this color to process.

STEP THREE: When I open the Separations Preview panel and turn the View popup menu to Separations, the Ink Aliasing kicks in, converting all instances of Pantone Blue to MyColor… and also showing that MyColor is being converted to CMYK (using the CMYK values I set up when I created the color).


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