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Layout Adjustment; Dear Santa; Quizzler Winners; New Quizzler; Obscurity of the Week: Load Conveyor


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  • Layout Adjustment: Where did it go?
  • Letter to Santa: Our InDesign Wishlist
  • Two Quizzler Winners from episode 184
  • New Quizzler! Hunt this one down
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Load Conveyor
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PEPCON 2013; Animation in InDesign; Horror Story; Quizzler; Obscurity of the Week: Convert to Motion Path


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  • News: PEPCON 2013!
  • Animation Features in InDesign: What Can You Use them For?
  • Another "InDesign Horror Story" with an Acrobat flair
  • Quizzler! Get out your Find Font thinking caps
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Convert to Motion Path
News and special offers from our sponsors:
>> Mag+ ( is an efficient and affordable digital publishing platform to create apps for tablet devices straight from InDesign. In the latest version (4.0), you can now publish to Smartphones as well –including iPhone 5. The Mag+ tools are FREE to download from their website, and work with CS4, CS5 and CS6. You can use the bundled InDesign templates, and take advantage of their innovative Review button to quickly see fully-functional touchscreen previews. For more information go to
>> Rorohiko’s StoryTweaker ($99) plug-in lets editors and writers access your InDesign file’s text without needing to own InDesign or InCopy. The plug-in is associated with one InDesign seat, but allows that user to create an unlimited number of AssignmentTweaker sets, which is what the editors open and work on. The workflow is spelled out on the StoryTweaker site, and there’s a 20-day free trial available. Special for InDesignSecrets listeners.
INDESIGN HORROR STORIES: We want to hear your stories! Send us a short (less than 3 minutes) "InDesign doc/client/user Horror Story" that we can play on the air (you'll be anonymous) in an upcoming episode: leave us a voice message at +1-801-459-4477 to record it, or send in your own voice recording. Please follow-up with an e-mail, which we will keep private, including any additional information that you'd like us to know. You'll get a nifty gifty from us if we play it in a podcast!
QUIZZLER: To enter this episode’s Quizzler, send an email to with the word QUIZZLER in the subject line and the correct answer to the puzzle (as described in the podcast).  You have until December 9, 2012 at midnight CDT to send in your answer, one per user! We will randomly choose a winner from the correct answer(s). Winner will be announced in the first podcast in December, and receives the prize: a copy of three of our eBooks!
Links mentioned in this podcast:
> All about QuarkImmedia and here's David's Real World Quark Immedia book!
> PDF of Adobe Success Story, Belle & Wissel's Born Magazine (SWF Magazine)
> Anne-Marie's blog post with links to Born Magazine source files
> eDocker Publisher enhances InDesign SWF magazines & makes HTML5 tablet apps
> PressRun converts InDesign animations to HTML5/CSS3 for its tablet apps
> SWFPresenter script from Martinho DeGloria's Automatication website
> Fritz's blog post about the SWFPresenter script
> Anne-Marie's free video on Making Your Own Motion Paths in InDesign
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  • News:
    • Milestone: 2,000 blogposts!
    • Erica Gamet's ID Power Pack
    • New version of Export to Kindle plug-in
    • Creative Cloud Education discount
    • Teacup Software's new 2D barcodes
    • EmSoftware Wordsflow
  • Five MORE Overlooked and Lonely InDesign Features (Autocorrect anyone?)
  • Another "InDesign Horror Story" (née "Training Client from Hell")
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Use Master Page Size
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News; 5 Overlooked Features; Training Client from Hell story; Obscurity of the Week: Jumbo

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  • News:
  • Five Overlooked and Lonely InDesign Features
  • Our First "Training Client from Hell" story
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Jumbo
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David and Anne-Marie trips; News; Data Merge Tips and Tricks; Obscurity of the Week: Delete End Punctuation

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  • Out and About: David's trip to Lindau, Anne-Marie's trip to California
  • News: Adobe Digital Editions 2.0, Kindle Plug-in for InDesign 0.971, new open source Adobe fonts
  • Data Merge: Beyond the Basics! Tips and Tricks
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Delete End Punctuation
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Creative Cloud discount extended; All About GREP; Quizzler Results (filenames of links); Obscurity of the Week: Jump Object


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  • Creative Cloud subscription discounted rate extended!
  • All about GREP in InDesign
  • Quizzler results: The right and wrong answers, and the winner! (See list of answers at the end of this post)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Jump Object
Creative Cloud subscription offer is $29.99/mo instead of $49.99/mo for first year for any CS3+ upgrader
> We talked about GREP way back in episode 80!  Here's the transcript
> Michael Murphy's Learning GREP with InDesign course
> Convert uppercase to lower with GREP, post 1 and post 2
> Creating a filename list of linked images, post 1 and post 2
> Clients from Hell web site
In podcast 179, we asked listeners:
"How many ways in InDesign can you figure out the filename of a placed image without using the Links panel or Links panel menu?"
The winning entry was submitted by Jim Leonardson, InDesign freelancer in Chicago! For his prize, he chose an autographed copy of Real World InDesign CS6, which is on its way. Here is Jim's list:
  1. In the Info panel flyout menu; select File Info to see the image name in the Title of the window
  2. Hover the cursor over the link icon in the upper left corner of the image frame. A tool tip appears with the file name.
  3. In the Structure pane of the document window, flip down the Root tag, and other tags until you see the “href” and the full path name (In the contextual menu “Select in Structure”) [ED: after first applying an XML tag to the image with the Tags panel]
  4. Use the Layers panel; flip down the layer name to show the contents. The link name is shown inside angle brackets.
  5. In the Preflight panel, if there is a broken link or document profile violation the link name will be shown.
  6. Use the Object > Captions menu or contextual menu to generate a caption.
  7. Use the contextual menu, in the Graphics flyout menu select Reveal in Finder, Bridge or Mini-Bridge.
  8. If there is a caption that happens to be overflowed, it can be seen in the story editor, tagged as “Text variable live metadata caption name” [We didn't think this should count but it's interesting because it has "Story Editor" in it]
  9. In the Package dialog box, under Links and Images it displays name, type, page, status and ICC profile. [He thought of this one "while doing yard work" after we told him he'd won]
A wonderful effort, but Jim missed a few. Here are additional correct answers, compiled from all the entries we received:
  1. Add image to Library, name appears in Library preview
  2. Select image and open the Animation panel, name populates the Name field
  3. Apply any preset animation to the image to see its filename in the Timing panel
  4. Add image to Articles panel [pulls the filename from the Layers panel, see Jim's #4 above]
  5. In the File > Package dialog box, click the Show Report button, all image filenames are listed there [listen to our argument about this in the podcast — fun times!]
  6. Add an Image Name variable (Type > Text Variables > Insert Variable > Image Name) to a text frame that touches the image
  7. If the image name was included in its XMP metadata [not a default state, and not something you could do in InDesign] you could reveal it by choosing the relevant XMP field in the Object Export Options > Alt Text (or Tagged PDF) area
  8. Option/Alt-double click to Edit Original (or choose the command from contextual menu), name is revealed in native editing program. [Technically not an "in InDesign" solution but it's fairly close]
  9. Export to EPUB or HTML and look in the mark-up code [Ditto]
  10. Use a script that creates a list of filenames [see Links above]
Final note: We love that Bonnie Barrett told us in her entry that she tried to find one in CS6's Content Collector — great idea! — but, alas, no luck.
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    Collaborating with non-InDesign users; Quizzler!; Obscurity of the Week: Complex Rasterized Regions
    Listen in your browser: InDesignSecrets-179.mp3(16.8 MB, 31:28 minutes)
    See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode.
    • Creative Cloud subscription special offer ends Aug. 31!
    • How to collaborate with non-InDesign users
      • PDF solutions: useful plug-ins, little-known features
      • Microsoft Word, Google Docs, InCopy
      • MediaTrad, Story Tweaker, more
    • Quizzler! How many ways can you ...
      • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Complex Rasterized Regions
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      Find Color; Ridiculous Features; Obscurity of the Week: Save Query


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      [media id=99 width=* height=20]
      See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode. The transcript of this podcast will be posted soon.
      • Golden Oldie post: Find Where That Color's Used
      • Readers Nominate Most Ridiculous Features in InDesign
        • So many, so little time  (Story panel?)
        • How dare you call my fave feature ridiculous!
      • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Save Query
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      See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode.
      • Interview: Brooks Jensen, LensWork magazine
        • Using InDesign to create the print and enhanced PDF publications
        • Nuances of color and duotones with fine-art photography and the printing process
        • Moving to an InCopy workflow over a holiday weekend (!)
        • Optimizing rich-media PDF eBooks for iPad and Android tablets
      • Golden Oldie post: Select Text All the Way to the End
      • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Clip Contents to Cell
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      New bug fixes from Adobe; Cool Keyboard Shortcuts; CS6 Features for EPUBs; Obscurity of the Week: Insert Number Placeholder
      Listen in your browser: InDesignSecrets-176.mp3(18.1 MB, 34:25 minutes)
      See the Show Notes for links mentioned in this episode.
      • InDesign News:
        • Fix for InDesign Crashing on 2012 Macs
        • Fix for InDesign CS6 "Revert to Trial Mode" bug
      • Some useful new ideas for Cool Keyboard Shortcuts
      • New features in InDesign CS6 for EPUB publishers
      • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Insert Number Placeholder
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