InDesign Secrets
Adobe InDesign tips, techniques and insider info from Anne-Marie Concepcion and David Blatner.

In this episode…

  • News
  • Good Grief: Goodbye to Type 1 Fonts and bundled Pantone spot colors
  • Interview with Marcus Radich, chief tech officer of PageProof
  • Obscure InDesign Feature: Select Unused Parents

Sponsor for this episode:

>>PageProof is the top online proofing workflow platform for your creative process: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, image files, and more. It's free for reviewers, and flat rate pricing for you and your designers makes it easy to get started! We interview Marcus Radich, CEO, in this episode, and you can hear David's more in-depth interview in this CreativePro Conversation on YouTube. 

Links mentioned in this podcast:

LinkedIn Learning Video Series for InDesign users

End of PostScript Type 1 Support

Pantone Libraries Disappearing

Parent pages: How to make running heads that change without using multiple parent/master pages:

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