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  • News Updates: Upcoming InDesign Conference in Miami, InDesign patch, Free plug-ins and scripts, new Beginner's Corner category on our blog
  • Quizzler Results (from Episode 69: Adding CMYK Swatches) and Winner
  • Hot Posts: Sandee's EPS Challenge, David's Updating Text
  • Uppercase Conundrums (Anne-Marie's post)
  • Obscure InDesign Feature of the Week: Normal

Links mentioned in the Podcast: The InDesign Conference - Miami Beach (Feb 26 – March 1) InDesign 5.02 patch for Windows or Mac OS X (ReadMe) David's free InDesign Tip of the Day plug-in for CS1, 2 and 3 Dave Saunders' donationware script, WrapNudger, that fixes Droopy Wraps Scott Zinelli's Multipage PDF Import script (David's post about it) Our new Beginner's Corner category Scott Citron's new book, Professional Design Techniques

Quizzler Answer: How many ways can you add a CMYK color to Swatches without using the Swatches panel? Turns out there are too many to list in our show notes, so we compiled them into a PDF for you to download: Swatches_Answers.pdf (260K). Our winner received a copy of Deke McClelland's new book, Adobe InDesign CS3 One-on-One.

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